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Google Maps

A designed entry in Google Maps can be an sufficient solution for small enterprises and gastronomy.
The entry will appear as well in many smartphone (iPhone) applications - apps.

Besides of your map position you can post information about opening hours, events and many more as well as images and YouTube movies.

You can edit your content at any time and Google will provide you with access statistics.

How it works

GOOGLE placesThe service of "Google Places" is generally free. If you are used to manage social networks, like Facebook or others, it will be easy for you to access and manage this service on your own.
Otherwise my service will help you to achieve an entry with relevant keywords and content, images, movies and whatever you like:

Personal attendance

This service is only available in Palma, EMT bus network.

You can have a personal visit and consultation helping you to place your publicity with outstanding information. I may shoot and work over fotos and provide you with YouTube movies.

Service by phone or Skype

Skype Me™!

We can manage your Google account together by phone or Skype.


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